Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mt. Waterman

Today Cary and I climbed the same peak near Mt. Waterman as we did last month. We, however, climbed it from another route. We parked at the same area but traversed the eastern side of the mountain, avoiding the ski lifts. It was nice and sunny when we started, then a few hours in clouds rolled in and it started to snow. Once we reached 7,000 feet we noticed that all the plants and trees were covered in ice! One ski lift had ice slabs hanging from it. Even the rocks that were protruding from the snow were covered with ice. I haven't encountered that here before and I found it quite interesting. The powder was fresh from the night before, about a foot and half deep. We reached the summit coming from the other side and ate cold pizza. Coming down, the snow started to pick up. The tracks from our snowshoes were getting covered in a hurry. Since the whole mountain was blanketed with snow we desended straight down, gliding on our snowshoes. It was a great climb with unbelievable scenery. And we didn't see anyone on the mountain except for 2 backcountry skiers. Good times!

Elevation Start: 6786 ft
Summit: 8022 ft

our route:

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