Friday, January 21, 2011

Badger Pass Skiing

Last weekend my best buds from elementary school and I went skiing at Badger Pass in Yosemite.  We drove up Saturday to Tenaya Lodge where we stayed for 2 nights.  On Sunday we piled into my jeep and drove about an hour to Badger Pass. Luckily we didn't need any chains.  When we got there we picked up our rental gear that we ordered from Tenaya Lodge the night before.  This was especially nice since we didn't have to wait in any lines.

Around 10:30 we were on the slopes skiing.  Now, just to put some perspective on this trip, we haven't skied in about 15 years except for Gabe who has been shredding on a snowboard for a few years now.  Badger Pass is small, they have 3 different levels of skiing; green, blue, and black.  No double black diamonds here.  Over the next 6 hours we skied all the runs enjoying the nice 60 degree weather.  We had an absolute blast, it was super mellow and a good way to transition back into skiing.   This trip was so much fun that it cemented an annual ski trip amongst the 4 of us.  I wonder where we'll end up next year?!

Tough Guys: Eric, Me, Gabe, and Dave 

Bunny slopes gave us confidence!
Eating burritos at Badger Pass
Typical picture of the Tough Guys!
Snow or Die video!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ice House Canyon - Timber Mountain

On New Year's Eve, Cary and I started the climbing season with a leisurely climb up Timber Mountain starting from the Ice House Canyon trail head.  We hiked up the icy trail about 2 miles before we started our ascent up the ridge of Timber Mountain.  We decided to try a new ridge up Timber.  We have been to the saddle and also climbed the face of the mountain facing the saddle.  This time we decided to climb up the closest ridge the starts  just after the 2 mile marker. The snow had a thin layer of crust and a soft bottom so the pace was slow going (see video).  We reached about 7820 feet up the ridge before we reached our turn around time of 1pm.  We headed back down post holing all the way down the ridge.  It was a beautiful day out.  We didn't see anyone (on the ridge) or any tracks besides 4 legged critters that inhabit the mountain.  The only down side about this was the 2 mile track back along the trail.  I would say about 1 mile of the narrow trail was iced over.  It was a pain in the butt to walk back on.  I slipped 3 times on the hike out.  I am now sore all over, not due to the climb but from falling on my butt, shoulder and hands.  Cary and I took off our crampons after getting down from the ridge, BAD CALL!  Next time we will keep them on until we reach the parking lot! All and all it was a fun time.  I am so stoked for climbing season to begin!

Below is a track from my GPS unit.  You can click on it and then click "earth" to view it in 3D(google earth).  You will need a free plug in to view it in 3D, it only takes a second to download it.  You can also click "ter" and it will show you a topo map.  Enjoy!
Start: 7:50 at 5,000 feet
Turn around 1 at 7,820 feet
Return: 3:00

Starting the ascent.  (photo by Cary)
Rocking my new Native sun glasses.
Telegraph or Thunder Peak
I love to see this!
Cary climbing up!

View Ice House Canyon Dec 2010 in a larger map