Monday, February 25, 2008

Echo Mountain, Mountain, Mountain, Mountain.........

Yesterday 2-23, Melissa and I hiked up Echo Mountain.  Echo Mountain is a relatively short but steep hike.  It is located and the very north end of Lake Avenue.  Unfortunately we forgot our camera so no pictures for this post.  Melissa led a very quick pace, I wasn't sure if she was excited to eat jelly bellies at the top or figured the quicker we get up the quicker we get down.  Anyway, we had a nice time.  We reached the top in an hour and enjoyed sting cheese, tangerines, and jelly bellies while taking in the view of LA.  Shortly after arriving it began to sprinkle.  After we finished eating we headed back down with a little drizzle.  It was a nice hike, I would like to explore more trails around Echo Mountain sometime.  There is a trail junction at the  top that leads you further into the mountains.

Trip info:
  • Echo Mountain
  • 1 hr to top (mel's fast pace)
  • 50 min to bottom
  • Total Milage Round Trip = 5 miles
  • Total Elevation = 1400ft  (1800 to 3200)

Monday, February 18, 2008

WTC Joshua Tree Outing


This weekend I went camping at Indian Cove in Joshua Tree.  This was one of our WTC (wilderness travel class) outings.  This weekend we focused on navigation skills, using a map, compass, and terrain recognition.  We also boldered and climbed  a peak known as 4377.  I had a great time.  I learned to properly use a map and compass in the field.  We took bearings, estimated distances, elevation, read topos and contour lines.  My favorite part was the "navigation noodle".  The navigation noodle consisted of an instructor circling a point on our topo maps and then we had to lead our groups to that point. To do this we used our maps, compasses and landmarks to get us to the desired point. I learned a great deal about navigation.

We also boldered and climbed a small peak (4377).  Before we started up peak 4377 we had to locate the peak on the map, as well as calculate elevation gain, milage, estimated time to peak, and a suitable route to the peak.  There was no defined trail on the map so we had to come up with one before we left.  Overall, I had a great time with WTC.  Cary and I are both doing WTC together.  Our next outing is in 2 weeks, it is going to be a snow hike.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mt. Wilson via Sierra Madre

Today Cary and I went hiking up Mt. Wilson for the 3rd week in a row.  The first time was via Chantry Flats, the second was via Sierra Madre with WTC (but we only got to Orchard Camp due to Rain) and the the third was via Sierra Madre again but this time the weather was permitting.  It was a beautiful sunny today,  Cary and I did not expect to encounter any snow today but once we got up to the Mt. Harvard Junction we hit about a good foot of snow.  Once we were at the junction we took the trail instead of the fire road to the top.  This was all snowed over and quite peaceful as there weren't to many people around.  When we got to the top we ate lunch and watched as a helicopter appeared from nowhere and land 25 yards from us. We think it was an Edison Helicopter doing work in the top of the mountain.  

Trip Details.
  • Elevation Gain 4500 ft
  • 5 hrs to top
  • 3 hrs to bottom
  • 14 miles round trip