Monday, February 25, 2008

Echo Mountain, Mountain, Mountain, Mountain.........

Yesterday 2-23, Melissa and I hiked up Echo Mountain.  Echo Mountain is a relatively short but steep hike.  It is located and the very north end of Lake Avenue.  Unfortunately we forgot our camera so no pictures for this post.  Melissa led a very quick pace, I wasn't sure if she was excited to eat jelly bellies at the top or figured the quicker we get up the quicker we get down.  Anyway, we had a nice time.  We reached the top in an hour and enjoyed sting cheese, tangerines, and jelly bellies while taking in the view of LA.  Shortly after arriving it began to sprinkle.  After we finished eating we headed back down with a little drizzle.  It was a nice hike, I would like to explore more trails around Echo Mountain sometime.  There is a trail junction at the  top that leads you further into the mountains.

Trip info:
  • Echo Mountain
  • 1 hr to top (mel's fast pace)
  • 50 min to bottom
  • Total Milage Round Trip = 5 miles
  • Total Elevation = 1400ft  (1800 to 3200)


Roger said...

We love your blog...both the commentary and, especially the images! I just finished "Off The Wall: Death in Yosemite". I strongly urge you and your climbing mates to read and study this book. The authors have beaucoup years of experience on the SARs team at Yosemite--one is also a Park Ranger. The book describes and explores the many ways Park visitors and employees have found to make their exit from Earth while at Yosemite and covers the period 1870-2006. Many exit strategies are discussed, ranging from murder to motor vehicle accidents. They spend the most time on climbing/mountaineering and back-country hiking incidents. They explain the mistakes the participants made that led to the accident and what they should have
done instead, including strategies to avoid serious situations altogether. I found it to be a fascinating read; however, the author used a lot of technical climbing terms with which I had trouble interpreting. One things is for sure: I won't be rappelling down El Capitan anytime soon!

Jayne Doe said...

So what if your wife is just competitive and wanted to get to the top in less time than you projected? The jelly bellies probably did help...