Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mt. Wilson via Sierra Madre

Today Cary and I went hiking up Mt. Wilson for the 3rd week in a row.  The first time was via Chantry Flats, the second was via Sierra Madre with WTC (but we only got to Orchard Camp due to Rain) and the the third was via Sierra Madre again but this time the weather was permitting.  It was a beautiful sunny today,  Cary and I did not expect to encounter any snow today but once we got up to the Mt. Harvard Junction we hit about a good foot of snow.  Once we were at the junction we took the trail instead of the fire road to the top.  This was all snowed over and quite peaceful as there weren't to many people around.  When we got to the top we ate lunch and watched as a helicopter appeared from nowhere and land 25 yards from us. We think it was an Edison Helicopter doing work in the top of the mountain.  

Trip Details.
  • Elevation Gain 4500 ft
  • 5 hrs to top
  • 3 hrs to bottom
  • 14 miles round trip


jayne doe said...

So what was for lunch? Good job, that was quite a hike!

Holly said...

Quite a hike! whew. Interesting to see guys hiking in snow in short sleeves - My hikes in Ohio snow/ice lasted approx 25 mins., Elev. 0!!!