Monday, February 18, 2008

WTC Joshua Tree Outing


This weekend I went camping at Indian Cove in Joshua Tree.  This was one of our WTC (wilderness travel class) outings.  This weekend we focused on navigation skills, using a map, compass, and terrain recognition.  We also boldered and climbed  a peak known as 4377.  I had a great time.  I learned to properly use a map and compass in the field.  We took bearings, estimated distances, elevation, read topos and contour lines.  My favorite part was the "navigation noodle".  The navigation noodle consisted of an instructor circling a point on our topo maps and then we had to lead our groups to that point. To do this we used our maps, compasses and landmarks to get us to the desired point. I learned a great deal about navigation.

We also boldered and climbed a small peak (4377).  Before we started up peak 4377 we had to locate the peak on the map, as well as calculate elevation gain, milage, estimated time to peak, and a suitable route to the peak.  There was no defined trail on the map so we had to come up with one before we left.  Overall, I had a great time with WTC.  Cary and I are both doing WTC together.  Our next outing is in 2 weeks, it is going to be a snow hike.


scstar2000 said...

i was near joshua tree this weekend ... but i spent it shopping, getting a massage, eating and drinking! glad you are getting out and about in nature.

Holly said...

Very cool - I was wondering how the weekend went - I'm glad you're learning some useful navigational skills - and got in some bouldering as well.