Monday, March 3, 2008

Mt. Pinos

Yesterday I went with my WTC class to Mt. Pinos near Frazier Park for a snow hike. Mt. Pinos is about 1 hr and 15 minutes north on the 5 from Pasadena. We exited Frazier park exit and drove up past Los Padres camp ground until we reached the end of the road where there was a local store and a big parking lot. The snow hike was a lot of fun. We glissaded down hills, practiced various forms of snow shoeing and traversing and also had a snow lecture about snow and avalanches. All pretty interesting. It was a beautiful day, about 50 degrees and sunny out. The snow however, was icy and consolidated. It hasn't snowed up there for awhile. Overall it was a short hike but it took us awhile due to our large group size and various training activities. I am really enjoying the snow experience and am looking forward to the WTC snow camp weekend in 2 weeks. We are camping in the snow up in the Sierras.

Oh, I started to feel a little sick due to the elevation and lack of sugar in my body. It was a good wake up call that I really need to eat and drink more on the trail. When I start feeling light headed I sit down for a little bit and eat. That usually helps me out and gets me feeling better within a 20 minutes.

Trip Profile:

  • Elevation Start 8300ft
  • Elevation End 8830ft
  • Total Elevation 530ft
  • Distance 4 miles (round trip)
  • Start 9:30 End 4:30
  • Chula Vista Parking lot to Mt. Pinos

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Holly said...

Hey there Snow Man,
Sounds like a great Intro to Snow course. Love the blue snow shoes and gaiters - you look ready for anything. Yep, the food/water thing is pretty darned important - esp. at higher elevations. Good thing you discovered that now, rather than in 2 weeks!
Keep on Climbin'