Monday, March 24, 2008

Grey Whales

This weekend (sat) we went whale watching off the coast of Ventura Harbor.  Melis, my Dad, Di and I went on a 3 hour boat ride to Anacapa Island to see some grey whales.  We saw a few whales about 75 feet out from our boat.  It was pretty awesome to see.  Last September Melis and I took a 8 our cruise and didn't see a single whale but we did see a lot of dolphins.  This time it was just the opposite.  We saw a few grey whales and no dolphins.  It was a great day out and luckily I got a few good shots in.  The company that we used was Island Packers.  I think it would be fun to camp over night on one of the islands.  Maybe I can do that this summer.  Anyway,  I  plotted the route we took on my GPS unit.  I will attach a picture of the route the boat took during our excursion.

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Holly said...

Very COOL - I love the shot of the Whale's Tail. I didn't see the gps route, though.