Monday, May 5, 2008

Bridge to Nowhere....."smells like fresh rain" KD

Today Cary, Katie and I hiked from East Fork Ranger Station to Narrows. This is commonly referred to as the Bridge to Nowhere hike. There was a killer bridge built that ran right into the side of the mountain. It looks quite odd. This hike was one of my favorites amongst the San Gabriels. The hike followed the stream (flowing pretty well) for about 4.5 miles until the bridge. During the hike we bouldered, crossed streams on fallen trees, walked through calf deep water and saw people bun-gee jump off the bridge. It was a perfect day. I strongly recommend this hike. I will definitely have to do it again.

trip log:
9 miles RT
left 9:30 bridge@ 12:20
left bridge@12:50 returned by 3:30
1100 ft elevation gain

note: bring a spare set of clothes so you can soak in the narrows to cool off.

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Holly said...

Sooooooo cool (& occasionally wet, I gather) At least no snow! Nice shots, Todd - that bridge would be fun to see!