Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mt. Baldy

Today my buddy Cary and I hiked up Mt. Baldy. It was a beautiful day. There some snow left over from the storm a few days ago which made the mountain landscape that much better. We hiked from Manker Flat to Baldy Notch, Devils Backbone, and to the top of Mt. San Antonio(referred to as Mt. Baldy). The hike was 6 miles each way. The first 3 miles were on a fire road until we hit Baldy Notch (ski lifts). The Devils Backbone was more of a traditional trail, steep at some points. Since there was some snow we post holed a little but mostly went through sloshy snow. The clouds were hanging low and at about 8000 feet up we were above the cloud line giving us spectacular views! The weather and views were amazing. I have hiked this in the summer time without any snow but it just doesn't compare with the great white stuff!

Below is our route according to my GPS tracks.

This is a good local hike for training for Mt. Shasta. The summit is 10,000 feet. Oh, I also ran into one of the WTC leaders (edee) at the top.

Trip info:
  • Start: 8:30 summit @ 12:50 (15 minute break at the top)
  • End: 4:15
  • Total Miles: 12
  • Elevation start: 6100
  • Elevation @ summit: 10064
  • Total Elevation Gain: 3964

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jayne doe said...

way to go stud! love the photos and the commentary. it seems to me there was one other great photo...:)

Holly said...

This was May 26th? and all that snow? Hard to believe you're in L.A. - beautiful shots :-)