Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mountain Biking--Sullivan Canyon

On Monday my two buddies from work (Justin and Eric) and I went mountain biking up near Brentwood(Sullivan Canyon near Paul Revere Middle School). I haven't been mountain biking for a long time. I have had my slick tires on my mountain bike for riding on the streets but Sunday I switched back to my mountain tires. We all had a blast. I forgot how much fun mountain biking is. The trail we went on was awesome, it had long narrow turns,water crossings, jumps(which I did not par take in) and hills. Once we got to the top of the ridge we could see the Valley, Santa Monica(or just south of SM) and Downtown. It was quite a spectacular view. After taking a little breather at the top we charged back down the trail. Man was that awesome, passing through water, rocks, logs, and bushes. I was pretty dirty and spent by the time we got back.

Trip Info:
  • start 4:30
  • return 7:00
  • 75% single track
  • Mileage: ?
  • Elevation: ?

Trip Highlights:.
  • My flat tire
  • Justin eating style! "I'm really liking the flow" JS
  • Tick found on my thigh later that night
  • Eric's wheel falling off
  • Spectacular 360 degree views from the top

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