Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mishe Mokwa Trail

Monday I met up with my buddy Jeff across the street from Neptune's Net on the PCH (county line). Jeff picked out a great hike, Mishe Mokwa Trail. The trailhead was about 5 miles east on a road right next to Neptune's Net. We hike around some great peaks. The trail was well maintained with various small peaks to climb. Along the route we echoed against cliffs (see my ghetto video below), saw a cool balanced rock, and hiked up the sandstone peak which believe it or not at 3,111 feet is the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountain Range. It was a mellow hike but a good work out, 6.5 miles in all.

Once we got back to the parking lot we changed into our trunks and then headed down to county line ( a surf spot just north of Malibu). When we got their the waves were pretty good for a fading swell, however, it soon became mushy. It didn't matter though. We had just hiked a nice trail and now 20 minutes later we where paddling out riding some small but enjoyable waves.

After we got out of the water we walked across the street to Neptune's Net, a local seafood joint. We sat outside enjoyed some good grub and talked about how awesome summers are. It was truly an awesome day. I couldn't have scripted it any better.

  • favorite quote "Dude, he's a donkey" JJ
  • Trip mileage: 6.5 rt
  • Elevation: not much
  • hike: start 8:15 end 11:15
  • features: many small sandstone peaks to climb. Not much shade relief

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Holly said...

Hey - looks like a pretty cool place to hike, then surf. Wouldn't mind doing that myself! I like the echos. :-)