Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mt. Rainier - June '09 Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it is set. I am climbing Mt. Rainier in early June  '09.  I will be climbing with my close friends Dave, Cary, and Katie.  I can't wait it should be a ton of fun.  I haven't climbed with a big group of friends before.  We are climbing the traditional Muir route.  We are climbing with RMI Guides.   I plan to start training in mid Nov.  It is easier for me to exercise when I am training towards a climb.  

Good times with good friends!

Note:  This is my first big climb out of state.   Do you think the airlines will let me carry on an ice axe?  

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Holly said...

Hey, I thought Clarence & I were going, too :-( If I can take a monkey on the plane, then you can take your ice axe!