Monday, December 15, 2008

Strawberry Peak (San Gabriels)

 Today Cary and I climbed Strawberry Peak (6,164 feet) in the San Gabriel Mountain Range.   We were hoping for a storm to dump snow on us but it was all clear skies.  We are currently training for Mt. Rainier, I have started running and doing stairs and now we are starting to hike on the weekends.  This hike was mellow.  We parked at the Red Box parking lot and crossed the hwy 2 where the trail begins.   The hike was relatively flat for the first 2.3 miles and then the last mile got steep where most of the elevation was gained.  Next week Katie, Cary and myself are going to climb Mt. Baldy.  There is a big storm rolling in this week so I think we will be climbing in snow....can't wait!

Start: 7:30am
Return: 11:30am
Elevation Gain: 1500 feet
Conditions: 50's and sunny
Total Mileage: 6.6 miles

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