Thursday, April 9, 2009

Northern Lombok Waterfalls

Two days ago Melis and I took a tour of Northern Lombok. We used a guide from Perama travel services. We left our hotel (in senggigi) around 8am and went to local market to pick up some fruit and food for the daylong tour. Our first stop was to visit monkeys. These monkeys were very friendly however, all they wanted was food. There were monkeys all over the place. After 15 minutes with the monkeys we headed to a traditional village in Northern Lombok. It was very interesting to meet and see their traditional way of living, no electricity.

From there we headed to Sanaru, where we ate lunch over looking rice fields and a waterfall. We were about 1800 feet above see level so it was nice and cool. The food was terrible, but the abundance of beautiful lush scenery made up for it. After eating, our guide took us on a 15 minute hike down to the first of two waterfalls, Air Terjun Sindang Gila. From there we took pictures and relaxed for 10 minutes or so and then hiked (super mellow) for another 30 minutes to Air Terjun Tiu Kelep. This waterfall was breath taking. It was about 45 meters high with a powerful kick to it at the bottom. Melis and I both ventured out to the swimming hole beneath the waterfall were we got blasted by the spray (see photo). Melis did score style points for slipping on her bum near the waterfall. I turned around and saw melis cracking up on her back. She looked like a white spider with her white limbs flopping around, trying to regain traction. On our way back down our guide took us through a 30 meter stretch of a water tunnel. It was awesome. We walked through knee to thigh high running water through the tunnel which was pitch black at times. I saw a bat fly out of the tunnel when we entered it, luckily Melis didn’t see it.

After the waterfalls Melis and I had a 2 hour ride back to Senggigi. We got a chance to take in the northen country side of Lombok, we also stopped for drinks a bar on a beach to watch the sunset. Beautiful.

By far and away the best part of the tour was the waterfall trek. It was great. I could have spent all day there taking photos and swimming in the water. Good times.

Off to the Gili Islands….


CalBadger said...

Sounds like you're having a great spring vacation! That waterfall does look high is 45 meters??? You must feel like you are in piggy heaven with all the new photo ops, most of them look like you could do an in depth study of them with your camera.....shoo
t on!

Amy said...


Kentucky said...

I know you are crying quietly in the corner every Wed night when you don't get to hear Mogul and Foley drone on and on and on. But hey, someone has to explore beautiful Indo, so do you best to hold it together and enjoy yourself. -Anneke

Holly said...

AMAZING!! That trek sounded like a really great time - minus the food and monkeys; however Clarence is eating his heart out. Can I ship him to Lombok? Soooo good to hear from you guys - can't wait to see all the pix, Todd.

Allison said...

Oh My GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! That is ssoooo beautiful! I am so glad you 2 are there together. Thank God for good cameras so we can enjoy this too.