Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mt. Baldy via Ski Hut

On Saturday, Cary and I climbed Mt. Baldy via the ski hut trail.  We hit the trail around 8 and summited around 11.  We ate some cold pizza I made the night before.  After a long break we headed back down to the trailhead.  We returned around 2.  There were a few patches of snow but nothing serious.  

So the count down to Rainier is on.  The climb is only a month away, I am starting to eat healthier and really pushing myself in work outs.  I joined a gym for a month to build my core muscles.  On Saturday Cary and I are going to climb Gorgonio (if we can get the permit in time).  This will be a good test to see were I am fitness wise.  It is about 16 miles with 5600 feet of elevation gain.  The plan is to sleep near the trailhead the night before and start hiking around 5am.

Good times!

Thanks to Cary for taking the photos.

Trip stats:
  • Elevation start: 6,100 ft
  • Summit: 10,000 ft
  • 3 hours up
  • 2.5 hours down

View Mt. Baldy ski hut MAY-09.kmz in a larger map


CalBadger said...

Cold Todd-made pizza.....that's as good as it gets! Lucky Carey!!!!! Did you guys remember your Rolaids? Lookin' good for Rainier--keep it up!

Holly said...

Baldy is looking more "bald" this time of the year. The Gorgonio climb should be a really good test of your readiness for Ranier. Hope the others in your group will be able to keep up with you & Cary!!