Monday, August 24, 2009

Krakal and Sundak Beach

The swimming hole.  You can barely see Melis and Melanie

Melis, Nancy and Melanie

Locals catching some food

Last weekend Melissa, Melanie, Paul, Nancy and I went to Krakal/Sundak Beach, which is about a 2 hour drive from Yogyakarta.   We visited a few beaches up and down the nice stretch of empty real estate.  The beaches were very clean and the ocean was very choppy with double overhead waves. We saw only a handful of visitors and a few locals.  We basically had the place all to ourselves. When we arrived at 12  we relaxed on the beach, reading, talking and chill'n in the water.  Around 2 we walked down to the only place we found open and had some nasi goreng.  There, we met a guy that gave us a tour of the local beaches.  We wound up swimming in a beautiful swimming hole that was surrounded by bright green vegetation.  Due to the low tide there were many tide pools forming where some locals collected various sea life.  After a few hours we headed back to meet up with our taxi.  On the way we came across an amazing deserted resort up high on a cliff, over looking the beaches we visited.  The views from this place could beat most any beach front property.  We found a guy that was looking after the place to inquire how much it would cost to spend the night there.  Apparently they only open up the resort when a huge party reserves it.  It is not open for first come first serve customers. bummer!  The price was way too expensive anyway.  After that we headed back to the taxi and returned home.  Next time I think Melis and I will attempt to ride our moped there.  Melissa's Indonesian skills are good enough to get us directions if we get lost:-)

Here is a link to an interesting story behind Sundak Beach


Holly said...

What a delightful day! My idea of a south sea paradise. I got a kick out of the translation in the link about the history of the area - reminds me of the english in a book from El Salvador that Alba gave me. Very cute :-)

Erik said...

Empty idyllic beaches, big surf, plenty of spicy food, dynamic clouds above... those photos make me miss Indonesia.

Nancye said...

What a beautiful beach, till this moment I couldn't believe my self that I just visited a piece of Paradise in Jogjakarta. For sure one day Paul and I would love to stay one or two nights in that beautiful resort up there. We both plan to go there some time in October before we leave for Sydney. Let's hope we can make a deal with the owner for the best price. We hope you both can join us.

Todd said...

We would love to Nancy!