Monday, November 29, 2010

Barbados - Scuba Diving - Carlisle Bay Marine Park

Wednesday afternoon I went scuba diving off the coast of Carlisle Bay, Barbados.  I went with the dive company Dive Barbados Blue located near the Hilton hotel.  We took a short boat ride out to the marine park where there is a handful of sunken ships (see map below).  I love diving wreck sites, I enjoy learning about the history of the wrecks along with seeing all the marine life that lives on or around them.     We dove down about 50 feet and explored the 5 wrecks; Eillion, Bajon Queen, Ce-Treck, Cornwallis, and the Berwyn. The only open slot for diving was at 2pm, that being said the visibility was good but not great.  I was under for about 35 minutes  exploring the wrecks.  I would say the highlight was seeing a bright green moray eel and a sea horse.  I also enjoyed swimming through the wrecks themselves.  

Green Moray

Air pocket on the Eillion Wreck
Map of the the wrecks.

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Holly Teetzel said...

How very cool! Loved the underwater video - I felt like I was right there under water with you. Great pix - it must have been a real thrill.

Erik said...

Looks like a blast - what a great way to spend Thanksgiving. Ronan loved watching your video... we just spent the evening 'SCUBA diving' in the living room and breathing through regulators!

Luxury Traveler said...

Wow! Barbados underwater treasures are awesome. Hope to see such as those when we visit. We're staying at the Colony Club Hotel.

Luxury Traveler said...

Nice pictures. I would love to visit Carlisle Bay Hotel.