Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hilton Creek - BC Skiing- April 2nd & 3rd, 2011

After Deer Mountain (see previous post) we decided to try to climb something that had less trees and a run out all the way to the car (meaning we can ski all the way back down to the car).  In Crowley, just south of Mammoth we decided to climb the Hilton Creek Trail.  We skinned up and trekked up a slight incline for about .6 of a mile.  After that we began a more steady climb.  After climbing 1500 feet and 1.5 miles we decided to ski down.  The snow conditions were not great.  The snow was punchy and warming up creating some unexpected deep spots.  We had to ski with caution because we didn't know when the thin crust was going to give.  Looking back on it we should have started a lot earlier to avoid mushy snow. Skiing down was still fun.  Unsure of whether we could ski all the way back to the car we bombed the last hill to carry momentum.  Surprisingly we were able to ski all the way back down.  It was long and it destroyed my legs but it's a lot better than skinning back to the car!!!

The next day we got an earlier start and climbed Hilton Creek Trail again.  This time the snow was firmer and more enjoyable.  I got to say it's a great place to bc ski.  I love it and the run out all the way to the road.  It offered beautiful views, nice slopes, and not too many trees.  And of course we didn't see anybody around us both days.  Good times.  Next time we are in Mammoth we will definitely do this again and hopefully climb a little higher.

Hilton Creek/Crowley Lake

Rocking the bandana.....forgot my hat

Climbing up

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Holly Teetzel said...

Sure is beautiful up there. You get a whole different perspective of the peaks and valleys from up top. Nice that you had the place all to yourselves, even if ski conditions were less than perfect. [killer bandana, btw]