Monday, April 4, 2011

Mt. High - Skiing

Last week my buddy Justin and I went skiing at our near by ski resort Mt. High.  This season I am learning how to ski because I am getting into backcountry skiing.  I am trying to get as much experience on skis as possible this season, on groomed runs and in the backcountry.


Holly Teetzel said...

Sweet - you're getting better all the time (I do miss the amusement of the face plants, though - ha ha) Really looks like fun!

Erik said...

Two tips -
1. Get your hands up, forward, and facing down the fall line.
2. Put more pressure on the front of your boots (bend your knees just a bit more)

What kind of cam is that? GoPro?

Todd said...

Thanks E. I will work on that!

Yeah, it's a Go Pro. I love it!